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Who let the dog’s out: Unexpected canine guest surprises Israeli couple at their wedding

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Spot the robo-dog came bounding down the aisle to give the happy couple their wedding rings during the ceremony


You’ll never guess who surprised a Jewish couple at their wedding in Israel: Spot, the robo-dog.

Developed by Boston Dynamics and trained by Israeli start-up Percepto AIM, Spot, the beloved robot pup came bounding down the aisle to give Michelle Rabkin and her husband their wedding rings during the ceremony.

He entered the hall to the song ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ as he headed towards the couple under the chuppah and later joined in the dancing and celebrations during the wedding.

The idea to surprise the couple with a visit from Spot was secretly organized by Michelle’s friends at Percepto AIM, where she works as a product manager.

When Spot isn’t partying at weddings, he’s being used as a security robo-dog to help monitor security and maintenance at industrial sites. 

Placed on his back is Percepto’s artificial intelligence-based system, which is able, along with autonomous skimmers that were developed by the Israeli start-up, to detect problems and unwelcome intrusions at the enclosed industrial space he is protecting.

Percepto has also trained Spot to perform tasks in places that could endanger people. 

Spot’s advanced systems have been developed to work around the clock and can even detect any abnormal events in rainy and dark conditions.

Now that’s one heck of a wedding guest! Mazal tov to the happy couple!

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