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Tel Aviv Municipality to host 24-hour Start-Up Bootcamp

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The Bootcamp aimed at generating over 100 new start-ups to help those in the tech sector in Israel who are unemployed due to the coronavirus situation

A 24-hour Bootcamp aimed at generating over 100 new start-ups to help those in the tech sector who are unemployed.

The event, set to take place on September 15 and 16, is uniting the Start-Up Nation’s top entrepreneurs and investors for the 24-hour Bootcamp. More than 50 leading mentors will also help make the first-ever large-scale online 24-hour Start-Up event, dubbed the #100StartupsChallenge, reach its goal.

The event is in partnership with Tel-Aviv Municipality, Google for StartUps and WeWork, while it’s being backed by other partners including Microsoft for StartUps, OurCrowd and 20 other industry players.

According to the organizers, “it was conceived as a result of COVID-19” after it became clear that “many talented professionals find themselves unemployed.

“The 24-hour event is based on the concept that entrepreneurship can drive a positive change and will aim to create 100+ startups within 24 hours,” they said.

Spearheaded by entrepreneur, innovator Yossi Dan, the event will see the anticipated 500 entrepreneur audience addressed by well-known names such as MK Nir Barkat (MK), OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved, the Israel Innovation Authority’s CEO Aharon Aharon, and Ofira Yochanan Wolk, who will be attending on behalf of Tel Aviv’s mayor.

“Using our robust knowledge of startups, our goal is to assist hundreds of talented individuals affected by the COVID economy – for free,” explained Dan. “In one day alone we aim to impart advice from the best experts to support aspiring entrepreneurs and advance their projects and careers. 

“Our team and community of outstanding mentors and speakers can’t wait to share their insights and experiences to help kick-start 100 new initiatives,” he added.

An offline Start-Up hackathon prior to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo Credit: Supplied)

Dan said that the 24-hour hackathon will comprise presentations, TED-like talks, five sprint sessions, and some teamwork sessions guided by dozens of Israel’s best mentors and four keynote addresses. 

“Individuals will be matched to other professionals using a range of relevant data points to create dynamic groups,” the organizers said. “Topics covered, overseen by experts in each field, will include fintech, cyber, blockchain, agritech and edtech amongst others. 

“In total hundreds of hours of content and personal mentoring will be provided at no cost to Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals,” they said.

The top 10 individually selected teams will then be offered an opportunity to pitch their startup ideas at a “Shark Tank” type session in front of a panel of early-stage investors and business angels. 

It’s believed that some 500 aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, including unemployed, self-employed, new immigrants and students interested in evaluating, creating or joining startups are anticipated to participate. 

The event is also set to take place in English with all participants being guided by leading Israeli mentors, experts, investors and speakers, who will provide pro-bono support for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

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