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Social Media Platforms Remove Only 25% of Reported Antisemitism

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2021 has witnessed a notable rise in online anti-Jewish hate, with only 25% of reported antisemitic posts being removed by Social Media platforms.

By Samuel J Hyde

In recent years, Jews have faced increased threats of violence and harassment both online and offline. According to multiple annual audits of antisemitic incidents, 2019 and 2020 were, respectively, the highest and third-highest years on record for cases of harassment, vandalism, and assault against Jews throughout the U.S and Europe, since tracking began in 1979. 

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, added another layer to Jews’ concerns over surging antisemitism and safety following the conflict in May this year.

Image courtesy of highchairs.com

Against this alarming backdrop and according to new reports conducted by Fighting Antisemitism Online, tech platforms only removed 25% of reported antisemitic posts and content shared online. A segmentation of the data shows that 1,732 antisemitic Twitter posts were reported across 2021, of which 391 were removed (22.5%). On Instagram, 1,039 posts were reported as offensive and 329 (31.7%) were removed, and of the 577 Facebook posts reported as antisemitic, 133 were removed (23%).

Of the 114 YouTube videos reported as including antisemitic content, 28 (24.5%) were removed, and on TikTok, of the 101 clips reported as offensive, 35 (34.6%) were removed.

The report noted that overall, VK, A russian social media platform was found to contain the most virulent posts – in no less than 16 languages. Some 57.9% of the offensive posts were in English, 13.8% in Russian, 13.1% in Arabic, 9.8% in Spanish, 2.4% in French, and an additional 3% in other languages.

According to Israel Hayom, a source close to the report stated “The policy of removing this content is inconsistent and it varies between the social media platforms and their response time is grossly lacking”. He stressed, ”The attention social media captains pay to this issue must improve. There are platforms like LinkedIn, Telegram or VK with which there is little-to-no communication and we can see that there is an increasing number of antisemitic users who try to spread hate using these platforms”.

Source Credit: Anti-Defamation League, Watchdogs and Fighting Antisemitism Online

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