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L’Chaim to peace in the Middle East: Israeli makes peace wine to celebrate Abraham Accords

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The peace brought about by the Abraham Accord is ‘the greatest thing in the world, and it is the one thing that our founders envisioned us having


In an exciting new venture to celebrate the Abraham Accord and Middle East peace, Founder & CEO of the Israel Innovation Fund Adam Bellos has made a peace wine.

Speaking to IsraelNewsStand about the peace wine, Bellos said that “the peace wine was made to introduce people to Israeli wine in a new way and to mark the historic Abraham accords.”

“Israel,” he said, “is beginning to make peace with its neighbors which has been the dream of not only Israel’s founders but those who envisioned it. We have always known that the potential of the Zionist movement in the State of Israel would never reach its full maximum potential until it had diplomatic relations with its neighbors.”

Bellos explained that part of this idea was inspired by a Jewish tradition. “Every time you say the Scheyanu (a blessing said over something new) we mark it with an additional blessing of wine to sanctify the moment,” he said.

Asked to explain more about the inspiration behind the peace wine, Bellos stressed that he did it because of “the fact that I knew no one else would do it… When peace was announced, it was the first call I made.”

Addressing the process of how the wine is made, Bellos said that the grapes used are from all over Israel. 

“Israel offers some of the best climates for growing grapes,” he explained. “It provides different climates for different styles of growing. You can grow different varieties in the Golan than in the Jerusalem Hills.”

A bottle of the newly made peace wine to celebrate the Abraham Accord and peace in the Middle East.
(Photo Credit: Supplied)

Bellos said that they chose the Jezreel winery as the place to produce the wine because it is the “epitome of a modern Israeli Winery providing indigenous varietals of grapes and styles that are not only proper to Israel, but to the Mediterranean climate.”

“We felt that it would be best to try this venture with them and it has been very successful,” he emphasized, adding that “our peace bottle is a red blend with Carignane, Argaman, and Syrah.”

However, he made it clear that the peace bottle is not just a bottle of red wine. 

“Each grape is special on its own and when they are mixed, their delicious and induvial flavors blend together to create something special,” Bellos continued. “Just like the wine, together we create can create a brighter and more peaceful future.”

“We would love to bring not only the peace bottle but Israeli wine and grape juice to countries around the globe,” he said.

Bellos shared that the peace brought about by the Abraham Accord is “the greatest thing in the world, and it is the one thing that our founders envisioned us having.” 

“The Jewish people have waited for the last 100 years to make peace with our extended family,” he said. “No one has sat beside and witnessed firsthand Middle Eastern history like the Israelis. The Israelis have watched themselves and the rest of the world enter the 21st century and be apart of the 20th century while the 20th century passed by the Arab and Middle Easterners without hesitation.”

He said that they “believed that once the necessary diplomatic resolutions were made and emotional tensions were lowered, the vision we’ve always seen of the new Middle East would finally come to fruition.”

Bellos shared a strong message for the rest of the region: ”For those who haven’t made peace yet, be smart. Put aside our ideological differences and look towards the actual reality that can be made. To future shared health, wealth and peace of the middle east.” 

  • The limited-edition UAE – Israel peace bottle is available now in Israel (118 Shekels) and the USA ($35.99) for pre-order on Israwines.com.
    If you live outside of these areas, we would love to speak to you directly and find a way to bring our peace bottle to your home.
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