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In historic first, global challah bake to include Jews in Muslim countries

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Jewish communities in Muslim countries like Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, and Turkey are all joining together to celebrate the Abraham Accords during Thursday’s special event


To mark the historic occasion of the Abraham Accords, the Shabbat Project Raanana 2020 is hosting a global challah bake on Thursday night that will include several Arab countries including the UAE and Bahrain.

Speaking to IsraelNewsStand, one of the main organizers, Efrat Raelbrook said that countries like Australia, Canada, South Africa, Israel and Brazil will take part while cities such as Los Angeles and New York in the US will join as well. 

What’s different this year, she said, is that Jewish communities in Muslim countries will also take part in the global event.  

“Jewish communities in Muslim countries like Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, and Turkey are all joining together [with us] tonight (Thursday) for the first time in history,” Raelbrook said. “We are keeping it together and celebrating the exciting event of the signing of the Abraham Accord between Arab countries in the Gulf and Israel, through an all-encompassing worldwide challah bake.”

Raelbrook stressed that through this beautiful event “we are creating a new and united home together.”

“Through this exciting event, we are demonstrating our gratitude, our commitment and mission to a common path,” concluding that “this big challah bake will make history by having participants from every continent” take part.

The event will also feature a special guest speaker, Houda Nonoo, the former Bahrain ambassador to the USA, who will chat about life in the Gulf and will answer questions from the audience.

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