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COVID-19: Hadassah Medical Center treats critical patient with newly developed ‘passive vaccine’

Coronavirus in Israel. Nurse wearing face mask with flag Israel holding a positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus. (Bermix Studio)
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The antibody used for the coronavirus treatment is called immunoglobulin, otherwise known as IgG, and was developed together with Israeli biopharmaceutical company Kamada.


In a major breakthrough, Hadassah Medical Center claimed on Wednesday that it was the first hospital in the world to use a newly-developed passive vaccine to treat a coronavirus patient.

The antibody used for the treatment is called immunoglobulin, otherwise known as IgG, and was developed together with local biopharmaceutical company Kamada.

According to the Medical Center’s head, Prof. Ze’ev Rothstein, “the patient has responded [to the treatment] positively.”

The patient, a young woman, had an underlying medical condition and following CT scans they found major damage to her lung. The hospital attempted several other treatment options, however, they were not successful and she remained intubated and in ICU for weeks.

“Several hours after receiving the treatment, the condition of the ICU coronavirus patient appeared to stabilize and we are cautiously optimistic,” Rothstein said.

Rothstein added that they were “holding thumbs” that the patient would be treated successfully.

Explaining when this process began, the hospital said that “two months ago, Hadassah Medical Center began collecting plasma-rich antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients with the aim of producing treatment for severely ill patients.

The plasma collected for the Medical Center was done mainly in collaboration with the Jerusalem Beth Din and the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem, as well as the Yad Avraham organization, where the ultra-Orthodox public were able to come in mass to donate plasma.

According to Hadassah, the plasma collected from the recovered patients was processed by the Kamada Company at Kibbutz Beit Kama in the Negev for IgG-based antibody treatment, which aims to treat severe corona patients.

“It should be noted that this treatment is operating with the approval of the Ministry of Health and in cooperation with Magen David Adom,” it said. “After a very long period of time, Hadassah waited for approval from the Director General of the Health Ministry, but continued to collect the samples and do preparations, believing wholly that this would result in saving lives.”

Kamada, the hospital pointed out, is the first in the world to complete production of IgG to COVID 19, a move that has sparked widespread international interest.

Rothstein concluded by thanking all parties and hospital staff that were involved in developing the treatment, adding that it was a “complex operation.”

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