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AI start-up DreaMed teams up with Schneider Children’s Medical Center in fight against diabetes

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DreaMed is working with the hospital to provide optimized care for children with diabetes using its Advisor Pro software


Israeli-based AI start-up DreaMed has teamed up with Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikvah to help the hospital provide optimized care for children with diabetes using its Advisor Pro software. 

Eran Atlas,DreaMed’s co-founder and CEO explained to StandWithUs that Advisor Pro “is a personalized, cloud-based diabetes management solution providing recommendations for insulin delivery to people with diabetes based on glucose and insulin monitoring data.

“The technology  is a unique, cloud-based artificial intelligence that goes beyond data aggregation and transforms dynamic, real-time patient data into actionable insulin treatment insights,” Atlas continued. “DreaMed ‘s Advisor Pro platform offers personalized optimization of insulin therapy management, driven by a technology that runs on artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms. 

Atlas explained that the platform’s purpose is to assist medical professionals in treating people with Type 1 diabetes, “who use insulin pumps, providing personalized recommendations on how to adjust individuals’ insulin therapy.”

Asked about what inspired the collaboration, Atlas explained that with thousands of Israeli children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes being treated at Schneider Medical Center’s Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes,” it only made sense for DreaMed to partner with the center and help provide optimized care for these children.”

Addressing how DreaMed and Pro Advisor hopes to change the future of how diabetes is managed in both adults and children, Atlas said that “multiple titration modifications have been proven to improve [Hemoglobin] A1C levels and reduce associated events of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.” 

Hypoglycemia means low sugar levels, while Hyperglycemia means the sugar level in the bloodstream is too high.

“By offering an efficient software tool we allow standardization of care along with a platform for telemedicine services which in turn will improve the overall quality of life for people with diabetes, both kids and adults,” Atlas pointed out.

“DreaMed,” he said, “is always working on new software updates as part of the Advisor Pro system. 

“Its main goal is to expand the indicated use of Advisor Pro and allow remote digital clinic services  giving every person with diabetes the accessibility to experts and top care, wherever they are and whoever their caregiver is,” Atlas emphasized, making it clear that soon, “not only will people with insulin pumps be able to benefit from the software algorithm, but also hopefully in the near future patients using multiple daily injections [for insulin therapy] as well.”

Asked what 2020 has in store for DreaMed, Atlas concluded its technology is set to be integrated into more and more hospitals and clinics across the United States, beginning with a large partnership with the Texas Children Hospital.

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